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Last week we had an overabundance of rain.   Many of us were seeking higher ground along with many of nature’s other creatures.

Insects that tunnel and live underground during the daylight hours were scrambling for a dry spot.  Sometimes leading them to take temporary refuge in places where they were less vulnerable to the environment.

One of the insect groups that live underground is the yellow jacket.   Due to the saturation of their homes this past week,  they can be found hibernating in places like a loosely laid pile of leaves or pine straw.  Any disturbance of their temporary homes . . .will result in a painful episode for the intruder.   I found this out the hard way a couple of days ago while mowing my own lawn.   I was attacked by several dozen of these yellow jackets and received over 20 stings.   Major OUCH!

After spending several hours of monitoring and receiving a series of shots in the emergency room,  I decided to make this the focus of my next blog.   While it was painful, I luckily was not allergic to the venom.

If you happen to find yourself in the same situation,  do not hesitate to rush to the emergency room.  You may be allergic and need one of those expensive Epipens.

So if you’re doing some storm cleanup and come upon a loose pile of leaves or pine straw, Do Not Disturb!   Wait for several days of sunshine to dry out your yard, allowing these and other ground dwellers to find their way back home.

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